Course curriculum

  • 1

    Side controls 1-4

    • INTRO about the course

    • Intro about side controls

    • Side control number 1

    • Side control number 2

    • Side control number 3

    • Side control number 4

    • Side control number 5 "Hon Kesa Gatame"

    • Intro about drills and transitioning to and from different side controls

    • side control N1 DRILL

    • Side control N2 DRILL - coming from N1

    • side control N3 DRILL- coming from N2

    • side control N4 DRILL - coming from N3

    • side control 1-5 DRILL

    • Side controls 1-5 DRILL with reaction from partner

  • 2

    North South controls 1-3

    • North South Intro

    • North South number 1

    • North South number 2

    • North South number 3

  • 3

    From side control to mount position

    • Cowboy base

    • Cowboy base DRILL

    • Knee slice

    • Knee slice DRILL

    • Grabbing the toe

    • Grabbing the toe DRILL

  • 4

    Mount control and variations

    • Mount position control and goals

    • Technical mount

    • S mount

  • 5

    Knee on belly

    • Knee on belly from side control

    • Knee on belly number 1

    • Knee on belly number 2

    • Knee on belly transitioning sides

Master Marcio Stambowsky and daughter Deborah Gracie

This course is very good to everyone that wishes to learn and understand the concepts and transitions of the controls on top of your training partners. From side controls and it's drills, to knee on belly and mount positions. It's a great course for beginners and advanced students and also for instructors that wish to have a good methodology to teach their students - a full program of top controls divided in steps that can add up to your game and/or school's curriculum.

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