Course curriculum

  • 1

    Side controls 1-5 and DRILLS

    • INTRO about the course

    • Intro about side controls

    • Side control number 1

    • Side control number 2

    • Side control number 3

    • Side control number 4

    • Side control number 5 "Hon Kesa Gatame"

    • Intro about drills and transitioning to and from different side controls

    • Side control N1 DRILL

    • Side control N2 DRILL - coming from N1

    • Side control N3 DRILL- coming from N2

    • Side control N4 DRILL - coming from N3

    • Side control 1-5 DRILL

    • Side controls 1-5 DRILL with reaction from partner

  • 2

    North South

    • North South Intro

    • North South number 1

    • North South number 2

    • North South number 3

  • 3

    Mount position from side control

    • Cowboy base

    • Cowboy base DRILL

    • Knee slice

    • Knee slice DRILL

    • Grabbing the toe

    • Grabbing the toe DRILL

  • 4

    Mount controls

    • Mount position control and goals

    • Technical mount

    • S mount

  • 5

    Knee on belly

  • 6

    Student assignment - Upload your videos here

    • Side control 1-5 DRILL

    • North South 1-3

    • Mount positions from side control

    • Mount positions

    • Knee on belly

Certification course

Top controls

All you need to know about the controls on top of your opponents: Side controls and transitioning between them. Mount positions controls coming from side controls. Knee on belly from side controls. Concepts, transitions and drills. On this program you will watch the classes and will have to upload your videos in order to get evaluated and be certified under legendary Master red/white belt 8 degrees Marcio Stambowsky and his daughter Deborah Gracie - second female of the Gracie family to become a black belt. More than 50 years of experience combined. If you are an instructor, this will add a lot to your methodology and curriculum. Enjoy!