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The one and only BJJ dictionary in the world!

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    "Hespect" the book

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"Hespect" the book

The only BJJ dictionary in the world.. if you love BJJ, you will love this book! It will bring you closer to our Brazilian culture and will teach you a new language all at the same time! Super fun and easy reading... Written by Deborah Gracie and Pedro Daddario. Deborah is the second female to become a black belt in the Gracie family, she is from the 4th generation of the biggest martial arts clan in the world! You can find the paperback version on Amazon.com. Everything you need to know about BJJ in Portuguese will be on this book. Competition cry outs, body parts, techniques, slangs, funny quotes and much more on 95 pages in PDF version of pure Jiu Jitsu!

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